BIG NEWS: The Forward Party is teaming up with the Common Sense Party, a group of Californians who have been fighting for years to bring more options at the ballot box to everyone in our state. We're asking all California Forward Party members to join us in registering for the Common Sense Party.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the CA Forward Party! There are many ways you can get involved. Please check your areas of interest on the right, then click "Save volunteer info" to submit. Someone from our team will reach out to you soon!

More information on types of volunteer activities:

Voter Registration Drives (HIGH PRIORITY!!!) - Voter registration is a key step to get the Forward Party registered as an official political party in California.
Local Leader (HIGH PRIORITY!!!) - We need local leaders throughout the state to help build communities and coordinate voter registration
Event Organizer - Host and help organize events
Social Media - Social media posting / responding team
Graphic Designer - Create compelling graphics for social media posts, event flyers, etc.
Recruitment / Outreach - Help do outreach and recruit other volunteers either online or in person
Canvassing / Tabling - Engaging with people in public, handing out literature, setting up tables / booths, knocking on doors, etc.
Phone Banker - Reaching out to supporters through phone / text to solicit support for initiatives, candidates, etc.
Research - Available for a variety of research tasks depending on needs
Speaker - Professional speaking skills and strong familiarity with Forward messaging to represent Forward at events, media activities, etc.
Writer - Professional writing skills for Op-Eds, articles, papers etc.
Fundraising - Organize or participate in fundraising activities / events
Candidate Working Groups - Researching and evaluating potential candidates

Roles with separate application forms:
State Leader - Leadership role for CA state-level activities. Click link for more info and application.
Policy Working Groups - Engage in policy discussions to help the Forward Party develop a compelling policy platform and a strategy for helping America move Forward. Click link for more info and signup link.

Will you volunteer?