Welcome to the Colorado Forward Party community!

Coloradans are tired of the two-party system. It's robbing us of meaningful votes in the 73% of state legislative districts that are uncompetitive. It's stalling progress in our legislature by encouraging toxic binary fighting. More Colorado voters are now registered as unaffiliated than are registered with either major political party.

If you're a Coloradan who believes our polarized political climate is destroying our opportunity for a brighter future, you're in the right place. The Colorado Forward Party aims to bring together all Coloradans to fight for change in our state government. It's time to dismantle the two-party system and place the power of governance back into the hands of the people of Colorado, where it belongs.

Our Colorado team is led by Curtis Harrison; I can't wait to meet you and build this thing together. We've got upcoming events and meetups all across the state for like-minded Coloradans to connect, and volunteer opportunities to help us fix our broken system here in Colorado. Join the community to get involved, because it's going to take a lot of passionate Coloradans to make this happen.

38 supporters so far. Our goal is 100.