How to join:

1. Join the national Forward Party Discord server by clicking here

2. Create your Discord account OR sign in through an existing Discord account

3. Confirm you agree with our community guidelines

4. Click on the 🔰-roles-states channel on the left hand side to join Florida's sub-server by clicking on the letter C button for Florida under Deep South States.

5. Once you see our sub-server pop up on the left-hand side, you should check out the 🌴-fl-start-here channel to learn more about our state sub-server, join volunteer opportunity chats, and join your community channel.


Tips & Tricks:


Types of Channels

There are different types of channels for different uses on Discord. You can join any of them simply by clicking on them on your sidebar menu.

You can use the text channels (the ones with a hashtag on the left-hand side) to chat with other members of the channel.

You can use stage channels (the ones with the person surrounded by two circles symbol on the left-hand side) to join discussions hosted by leadership where you must raise your hand to be brought onto the “stage” to speak. This is similar to Clubhouse or Twitter Spaces and allows for moderated conversations within large groups.

Voice channels are where you can speak with other members primarily through audio. You can also share video by clicking on the channel name one more time and using the buttons at the bottom to start sharing your camera or screen.


Hidden Channels

Some channels may be hidden until you react to the corresponding button on the 🌴-fl-start-here channel.

For example, you will not see the Miami channel until you click on the red button at the bottom or you will not see the ballot initiative channel until you click on the ballot button on the bottom.

These channels will pop up on the left-hand side once you click on their matching button because you have now given yourself the ‘role’ that has access to these channels.

The reason for these channels being hidden is so that you can opt in to the conversations most relevant to you, whether they be to discuss a volunteer opportunity or to chat with people that live near you.