This page will be updated to include all of the past 'Latest Updates' from the main Florida Resources page. Check out all the great news below!


Week of Dec. 12th

The newly elected Executive Committee has officially ratified our founding charter/bylaws

You elected them this October and they've been working diligently the past 2 months to get these documents in order to file for our official minor party status in early January. Once they file for party status, there's a possibility that the state will take a bit to officially approve our documents but filing is a HUGE milestone nonetheless and we will keep you updated on the status of our approval. Once we achieve minor party status, you will be able to register under the Florida Forward Party (FWD) and we will be able to run candidates across the state. Join our next Statewide Meeting to learn more about this!

Our Organizing Working Group is hosting a Week of Action until December 18th

What better way to embody the holiday spirit than to get out in your community and lend a helping hand? Check out our Florida Calendar for some volunteer opportunities (not affiliated with FWD) that we're promoting across the state and let us know of any in your area we should add!


Week of July 31st

Our merger last week brought in over 500 supporters and counting - we're excited to welcome all of you into our community!

Your questions and feedback in just the past week have been SUPER helpful in finding and filling the gaps of our organization and I'm excited to keep growing our movement with your help. Florida is becoming a leading state in the FWD movement with all of your support but it is led by a small, volunteer team, with only one lead doing the "on-the-ground" work (myself) since Nate is more so our connection with the national comms team.

There have been some concerns that we are holding things back from you all and I can assure you that if things ever feel like this, it's a matter of overcapacity, rather than us intentionally trying to withhold any information. We quite literally went from maybe 3 people joining our volunteer calls to getting over 100 RSVPs and counting so when it used to be easy answering every individual question as it was asked and having everyone on the same page, it is not sufficient now.

We hear your concerns and have been working on ways to fix this - here's a few things that have been implemented or will be implemented soon:

  • Finalizing the build-out of our new Florida Resources page and 🧰-fl-resources channel on our Discord with links to pages with a Florida FAQ, updates on FL work, meeting recordings/notes, and more - you can access this new page from the Florida State page but I recommend you bookmark it for future use
  • Creating a Florida FAQ page where you can read responses to all your FAQs and an accompanying submission form where you can submit questions you'd like to be answered:
  • Organizing Town Hall meetings where some of the most prominent questions asked in our submission form can be answered with a Q&A session after (every question answered will be added to the FAQ). Our first one is on Sunday, August 21st at 1pm but until then we will be releasing answers on the FAQ page as we receive our first round of questions
  • We're scrapping open office hours to be replaced by the Town Halls, any technical issues should be submitted to our technical issue form so we can help you on a 1:1 basis

Here are some general updates:

  • Community channels on our Discord will soon be changed to include more communities and be organized in a different manner
  • Volunteer opportunity groups will now be converted into committees with chairpersons - learn more about this transition and our new chairpersons during our next Volunteer Call:
  • Our leadership team recently met with Joel Searby, the National Political Director for the Renew America Movement (one of our merger organizations) who gave us updates, including:
    • State party formation is going to be an immediate priority - this is a process that can take as little as two months of dedicated work, so we may need all hands on deck soon
    • Our first state convention should be around early summer of 2023 - sooner to the date we will get your feedback on where you'd like it to be hosted (Tampa or Orlando, anybody?)
    • We can expect more information and appearances from some of our national leadership team (a few people you'll be extra excited to meet) to talk more about party formation during our next Statewide Meeting

We strive to be as transparent with you guys as possible but please give us some grace and patience. This movement is literally on the ground floor so if it feels like there are some gaps, it's because there is but trust that we're working on filling them all in the next few weeks, months, years with your help!