Welcome to the Florida Resources page!

Using the navigational links above, you will find helpful resources and tools that you can use to stay engaged with state level activities. This page will grow and evolve over time as our organization matures, so expect frequent updates as well as gaps in content as we continue to grow our team and tools.


Latest News ūüö®¬†

(Week of 3/4 - previous updates found on the Updates Archive)


Important Update to FL Discord Channels & Working Groups (WGs)

The Forward Party Discord server is the best way to stay in touch with others in the Forward community, nationally and locally (click here for instructions + tips on how to join). We've recently made some changes to the FL channels that correspond with changes made to how WGs function, including:

  • Consolidating a few channels to make them extra relevant to you all
  • Changing the community channels¬†from including 7 major cities to 4 major regions (North, Central, SE, and SW)
    • You will now always find a home in the community channels, whatever city/town you live in¬†
    • These regions do not reflect how the state will ultimately be divided with the regional/county leads, they're just for Discord communication purposes
    • If you were previously a member of one of the community channels, you have been automatically added to the region most relevant to your location
  • WG meetings are now internal for any active members within the groups to allow for them to be working meetings, rather than informational
    • (WG) channels on Discord are now accessible only to active members within the groups to communicate with each other
    • If you were previously a member of one of these WG channels and would like to be added once again as an active member, make sure to sign up for one of our open volunteer opportunities or join a WG on the Join A WG page¬†to be contacted by a WG lead
    • If you'd like more information on the current volunteer opportunities and WGs, you can attend any of our upcoming Volunteer Calls on the FL Events Calendar¬†or email [email protected]
  • The ūüĆī-fl-start-here channel on Discord has been updated to reflect all the changes above


New Volunteer Opportunities!

In our search for local leaders at Forward Florida, we're working hard to build out the critical infrastructure that our party needs to grow. From regional leads and county organizers, to social media managers and welcome team members, to innovation research and analytics, there's never been a better time to get involved with this exciting new state party. Applicants of all backgrounds, with any level of experience, are welcome, so be sure to check out our full list of volunteer opportunities today!


‚Äď Nate Smolensky, State Director