Miles Pomeroy
Miles Pomeroy is running for State House in Utah's 49th
Miles Pomeroy's Profile

Miles graduated from Brigham Young University in Biology and went on to a Ph.D. program at UC Irvine. Biology was not a good fit for Miles, so he pivoted his career to software engineering. While at BYU, Miles married his wife, and together have three children. His wife is a Marriage and Family Therapist.

In 2016, while then registered Republican, he attended his neighborhood caucus meeting and was elected as a delegate. Over the next two years of his term, he attended conventions and eventually became disaffected with the Republican Party. Miles found that the right-wing radicalization of the Party did not match his values, and he decided to remove his association. Wanting to continue political involvement, Miles registered as a Democrat in 2018. He has since served as a Delegate, Precinct Vice-Chair, and District Vice-Chair in the Utah Democratic Party.

Miles particularly enjoys volunteering with organizations that serve marginalized communities. Miles volunteered for two years with Mentorworks. They are a sober-living treatment center focused on helping individuals recently released from prison. For the past two years, Miles has been an “Ally” at Circles SLC. Circles SLC helps families below the federal poverty line extend their network and find resources to meet their goals of getting out of poverty. Miles has also served his church congregation in various capacities.

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