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“Global Financial Abundance Through Bot Trading”

Some of the most successful investors in financial markets are algorithmic traders, or 'bot' traders. These are people who use software to automate their pre-calculated trading strategies. Historically, running these trading programs required coding skills, but just like how creating websites and apps has become easier to do with 'code-free' design platforms, forward-thinking programmers are also designing apps and websites aimed at helping people 'bot trade' financial markets without the need to write their own code.

Bot trading can provide an inexpensive path to democratizing wealth--both for Americans and the entire world. The two bot trading programs listed below can be operated by a nonprofit micro-lender that partners with a well-designed bot trading platform like Pionex.

1) A $100 'birthday gift' for every newborn on the planet which would be professionally bot traded over 18 years. Newly-minted young adults could then claim their birthday gift...which at a conservative 40% annual growth rate would equal over $30k. Since there are approximately 140 million children born annually worldwide, this program would only require about $14 billion in funding each year. However, if implemented strictly for Americans, then it would require only about $360 million in funding annually since there are approximately 3.6 million children born in the USA each year.

2) Incremental micro-loans up to a total of $5k or $10k could be distributed to new bot traders. Each increment, perhaps starting with $500...then $1k...then $1.5k...then $2k...would be distributed after successful interviews with bot trading counselors every 1-3 months to ensure proper progress and stewardship of funds is occurring.

Together, these two programs could help bring poverty to a historic end (quickly and for a very low cost) while also ushering in a new era of financial abundance for all. However, if unaddressed, global financial abundance would dramatically impact the economics of our world such that many people would likely choose to no longer work--which would then require businesses to significantly raise wages and then prices...leading to hyper-inflation. However, if governments simply pass laws allowing people to volunteer for 'essential' businesses in return for a generous tax deduction, then such tax laws would actually help decrease business expenses and costs of living even as every household's income would be increasing.

Compared to the nearly $1 Trillion spent in the USA alone on welfare-related expenses each year, it would be a truly poor decision not to explore these low-cost bot trading pathways for generating global financial abundance.

* * * * *

Assuming “Global Financial Abundance Through Bot Trading” is the baseline world future scenario, we would likely see global financial abundance occur by 2025 in an optimistic ‘complete mobilization’ scenario or by 2030 through a baseline ‘standard new technology adoption’ scenario.

This single solution can help solve many problems related to financial insecurity (and do so in the shortest time possible). As such, it is a holistic solution to many of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

If you want to help this scenario happen quicker, then simply go upvote the current feature suggestion titled “Create a Pionex Micro-Lending Nonprofit” on —the official Pionex feedback site.

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