Andrew Yang smiling and overlooking New York City
Andrew Yang - Founder

Andrew Yang was a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate and 2021 candidate for mayor of New York City. Named by President Obama as...

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Matt Shinners headshot in a blazer and button down shirt
Matt Shinners - Interim Executive Director

Matt Shinners worked in the education and tech spaces before joining Andrew Yang’s 2020 presidential campaign. There, he served as Chief...

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Blair Walsingham looking back toward the camera
Blair Walsingham - Deputy Political Director

Blair Walsingham is a former Democratic Nominee for U.S. Congress, TN-01. Her platform highlighted...

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Laura Del Savio smiling for a camera
Laura Del Savio - Senior Communications Strategist

Laura Del Savio has been an educator in public high schools in New York and Connecticut. She graduated from...

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Kait Saier smiling and looking up at a camera
Kait Saier - Finance Director

Kait Saier has been in the political space for almost ten years, working as a democratic fundraiser for most of her career. Originally from Kentucky, Kait has...

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Spencer smiling and looking straight at the camera
Spencer Reynolds - Digital Director & Director of Political Partnerships

Spencer joined the Forward Party after a political journey that found him working on state level ranked choice ballot initiatives, managing a state senate campaign in Vermont...

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Will on a mountain top
Will Conway - National Organizing Director

Will Conway is a community organizer with over a decade of experience in politics, movement building and campaigning. He served for six years as Director, Politics & Advocacy at industry-leading tech firm NationBuilder...

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Ali Backscheider Smiling
Ali Backscheider - Social Media & Technology Manager

Ali is a Cincinnati, OH native with a passion for solutions and innovation. She worked in Big Tech at Sprinklr...

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Josh Causin smiling for the camera
Josh Causin - Project Coordinator

Joshua Causin was the 2020 Congressional District Lead for Virginia’s 9th District for the Yang 2020 campaign. He also previously served as the...

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