Welcome, all Texas Forwardists!

We are coming together from across the political spectrum to build a new and transformational American political party operating under one name: Forward. We are starting from a refreshingly simple premise: Every problem has a solution most Americans can support. REALLY!

  • DIVERSE THINKING ISN’T JUST WELCOME, IT’S REQUIRED: Big and bold ideas come from every corner of America and open-minded problem-solvers are how we deliver results.
  • COME AS YOU ARE - RIGHT, LEFT, OR CENTER: Rigid policy tests always drift towards extremism, divide us, and make real solutions impossible. “What do we need to accomplish?” is a much better question than “How can we defeat the other side?”
  • MORE LISTENING, LESS TALKING: We seek out input from numerous sources, even if it comes from another party or community that has different views. That's how we build solutions that work for everyone.
  • WORK TOGETHER, NOT AGAINST: We need to recommit to one another and do the hard, deliberative work required to deliver solutions that maximize good. Nothing gets done when opposing views are treated like enemy positions.
  • POLITICS IS PERSONAL: We put the personal interests of the people we serve at the center. The majority of Americans reject extremism and division, and want collaborative and common sense solutions. The Forward Party is the home for that majority.
  • BOTTOM-UP, NOT TOP-DOWN: We are building our party from the ground-up. The Forward Party in your community might make different choices than the Forward Party down the street. That’s ok. In fact, that’s a sign that this party works for you.
  • DEMOCRACY AT THE CORE: The best outcomes are made possible by an open, healthy, and functional democracy. For true representation, we have to grow civic participation, give voters choices, and create more effective ways to choose our leaders. Above all, the right of Americans to choose our own government is absolute.

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