Barbara Patrizzi

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Independent voter, New Jersey native, environmental and political activist.
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Why join FORWARD?

Why I have joined the Forward Party:
The American people have lost faith that our government can make meaningful change. They aren’t wrong. We’ve crammed a diverse mosaic of national ideas and innovations into two political parties that force ideological purity and hyper-partisanship. Two extremist camps that just might ruin the future of our country.
Our electoral process has been rigged so that winning elections is not linked to finding solutions. Congress’ approval rating is at just 21%, yet over 90% of incumbents win reelection. 88% of seats in congress are noncompetitive: either one party or the other wins every time.
A congressman only has to appeal to the 10% of people who show up to a partisan primary. Keep the extreme wing of your party satisfied, and you’re safe.  It’s no surprise that congress has become so polarized.
The Forward Party is launching a movement of American citizens seeking real change through election reforms like Ranked-Choice Voting and Open Primaries, and creating a community committed to the belief that grace and tolerance are cornerstones of a functioning democracy. 
Let’s create a culture that fosters diverse ideas to solve our problems. I encourage you to join this community by visiting There are plenty of upcoming events and opportunities to help create and lead this movement. Not left, not right, FORWARD!
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