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15 Forwardists are on the Ballot in 5 states

November 2, 2023

Fifteen Forwardists will be on the ballot across five states on Tuesday, November 7. Please take a few minutes to learn more about them and help spread awareness about these amazing individuals!

New Jersey Forwardists Guy Citron, Denise King, and Tyler Powell are running for District 23 of the state legislature (LD23). Learn more about them in this press release →   

In North Carolina, Victoria Masika is running for a seat on the Town of Hillsborough Board of Commissioners. Check out this Q&A she conducted with The News of Orange County →    

EIGHT endorsed Forwardists will be on the ballot in Pennsylvania. Steve Zappala, Seth Bluestein, and Joe Rockey were some of the earliest endorsements from Forward this year. You can find out more about all eight candidates on this page →   

In South Carolina, Stephanie Ganaway-Pasley is running to become the next Mayor of North Charleston. Learn more about her campaign here →

Two Forwardists are running for the Virginia State Senate. Sophia Moshasha and Elizabeth Melson are running for Virginia Senate Districts 39 and 28, respectively. 

Thank you for reading and helping spread awareness about these Forward-endorsed candidates!

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