The Forward Party is looking for leaders who want to make a real difference in their local communities by governing the Forward way! Whether you’re planning on running for office or are currently a sitting elected official, we want YOU to demonstrate what it looks like to be a Forward Leader in your community. Any leader who commits to governing according to our principles and values, putting the interests of their community above ideology and working to heal divides rather than exploit them, can find a home at Forward. If you or someone you know wants to run for office in your community click the button to get started!

“For me, I feel like now I have a party that supports me wanting to do that instead of a party that wants me to stand against everything and get nothing done […] I have a party now that is judging my leadership based on the ability to get things done and to compromise and work with other people.” 

– Jordan Marlowe, Mayor of Newberry, FL and a registered Forwardist

“We can’t solve big problems or major policy because we are electing people who are beholden to party ideals and less worried about finding that middle ground.” 

– Lisa Boscola, PA State Senator and a Forward Democrat


The Forward Party doesn’t enforce adherence to a particular set of policies. Rather, we believe that candidates and officials should commit themselves to objective and verifiable standards of transparency and accountability, and behave in a way that reflects our core principles and values.

Forward Leaders are those who:

  • Want to be true public servants, leading in their communities as an act of service

  • Believe in choice and accountability in our electoral processes, and are willing to fight for reforms that will increase them (e.g., ranked-choice voting, independent redistricting commissions, term limits)

  • Seek out opposing views and work towards shared ground

  • Commit to transparency during their time in office, through public disclosures of affiliations, conflicts of interest, and activities that might impact their decision making

  • Look to regularly engage with their constituents to have conversations about how they can best serve them

We’re ready and willing to cross-endorse candidates from other parties as long as their values are aligned with ours.  There are “Forward Democrats” and “Forward Republicans” out there, and we’re pleased to support them and work with them on shared priorities. In states where we have ballot access, we’re also able to have officially registered Forwardists in office and seeking election!

Forward Party Leaders are not going to all agree on specific policy positions, but they will agree that the best way to deliver for Americans is to get in a room with others, have a good faith debate over solutions, engage in practical experimentation, and measure the results to see what works and what doesn’t. This is the only way we can move this country forward.