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Lessons from Pennsylvania: A Case Study for 2024

November 2, 2023

Slow and steady wins the race. Around this time last election cycle, the Pennsylvania Forward Party had one endorsed candidate on the ballot.

Today, they have EIGHT endorsed candidates on the ballot. That’s three Republicans, two Libertarians, two Democrats, and one candidate solely affiliated with the Forward Party! 

This is a testament to the many hours of hard work spearheaded by volunteers and a display of perseverance and patriotism from everyday Americans who choose to put their community and country above polarizing political theater.

With your help, whether it’s as simple as forwarding this email to someone who should know about our movement, signing up to volunteer in your state, making a small donation or purchasing an item from our shop, we can build a national infrastructure for success, where more and more American communities can benefit from common-sense solutions and representation that is unafraid of having to please their party bosses.

Here’s to more Forwardists being on the ballot across our country very soon to help strengthen our democracy. We hope you are feeling inspired and prepared to impact real change together, one step at a time.

Not Left. Not Right. Forward.