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Grand Junction Daily Sentinel: Support candidates who refuse to traffic in division

February 16, 2024

In response to many letters to the editor about our broken political system, this is the year we get to make a difference at the ballot box.

By Wendy Petry, Forward Party, Grand Junction, CO | View letter on Daily Sentinel

We know we need a government that works for the people and tackles the real, complex problems we face daily. But extreme polarization and a broken system aren’t just dividing our families and communities; they’re keeping our politicians from getting things done. Polarization is being taken to the extreme and threatening our democracy. Like you, I am a Colorado voter who feels this division and the real failures it is causing. I believe the newest political Party in Colorado will make a difference.

Forward is a new kind of party — with a platform centered on values and outcomes, not divisive policy. It is our values that make us strong. When we abandon our values, we become weak. Forward exists to help voters identify and support smart, honest candidates dedicated to our values and approaches. We believe quality leaders make the right decisions for our communities when they work together. Forward’s role is to vet candidates on their values and trust voters to decide whose policies best represent their views. Forward will consider endorsing candidates from any political party so long as the candidate pledges to, and has a record of, behaving and governing according to Forward values.

If you are a voter, join me in trusting Forward to assist you in identifying candidates who will work for you. Contact Forward for an endorsement and/or ballot access if you are a forward-aligned candidate (