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The Utah Forward Party is running strong – 6 candidates are already on the ballot in 2024

February 21, 2024

The Utah Forward Party gained party recognition near the end of 2023, and they have been firing on all cylinders ever since. They’re running six candidates for office in 2024, from State Treasurer, to State Senate, to School Board and more – Utah is moving Forward.

“We can have public officials who are not tied to an ideology, but are just trying to enact good government policies,” said Smith. “The degree to which that turns down the temperature and engages people who didn’t want to be part of the partisan food fight — I think it’s going to be revolutionary.”

Earlier this month, Forward Party Co-Chair Christine Todd Whitman traveled to Utah to meet with the group and discuss their plans for 2024. Deseret News covered the visit and the newly formed state party, highlighting that the party is here to instill “collaborative forward thinking” that is missing in Washington and to support politicians who will work to find solutions, not use problems as crutches for their next race. Read the full article here!