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2024 Federal Candidate Announcement

May 20, 2024

So far this year, you’ve heard us announce our endorsement of candidates for dozens of state and local offices across the nation. These dedicated public servants and prospective representatives embody everything Forward stands for—Protecting our democracy and the rule of law, elevating the voice of the voter, building towards consensus solutions, and leading with ethics and integrity. 

But we’re just getting started.

Today, we’re happy to announce our first (and definitely not our last) slate of endorsed candidates for federal office, in concert with our volunteers from each of these states. These four leaders from across the ideological spectrum each embody our values and are looking to unseat or defeat extremists or partisans who are more interested in fighting for “their team” than the American people. Meet the pragmatic problem solvers who will help lead our country in 2025 and beyond:

Each one of these candidates is fighting for Americans, not a political party machine. We can’t wait to see what their campaigns have in store. 

Here’s to each of us doing what we can to help move America #Forward. 

All the best,

The Forward Party