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PA’s Auditor General Was Going To Be The Highest Ranking Official Affiliating With Andrew Yang’s Forward Party. Then He Backed Out.

June 4, 2024

Pennsylvania’s top fiscal watchdog was all set to be the highest-ranking official that had affiliated with the Forward Party until the week of May 20th, when he unexpectedly backed out of his affiliation.

This full reversal comes at the hands of the legacy Republican party, which DeFoor has been a member of his whole political career. The Republican party won’t let DeFoor associate with the Forward Party, even though he can do it while still being able to be a registered Republican.

“Unfortunately, because of the stranglehold the two legacy parties currently have on our system of governance, good people caught in this system aren’t given the freedom to serve a wider group of their constituents,” said Forward’s CEO Lindsey Drath in a statement. Read the full article here.