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Forward Momentum—We Have It!

June 27, 2024

June was an incredible month to be a member of the Forward Party. Check out a list of big wins our volunteers, state partners, and candidates had as the summer kicked off.

Massachusetts Forward Party

On June 20th, the Massachusetts Forward Party filed the paperwork to become an official political designation in the state, allowing voters to denote that they belong to the Forward Party on their voter registration. 

Massachusetts is a state that needs the Forward Party. “Massachusetts is broken,” says L.G. Healey, “more than 60% of Massachusetts’ registered voters choose not to affiliate as either Republicans or Democrats, and the Massachusetts GOP claims only 8% of registered voters.” Read more about the MA Forward Party launch here

LG Healey and MA Forward Party leadership on the steps of the State House just before filing their official paperwork.

Forward Endorses Its First Sitting Republican Legislator In the Pennsylvania House of Representatives

On June 24th, the Forward Party endorsed Pennsylvania State Representative Valerie Gaydos (R-Moon Township) at a press conference in Leetsdale. State Rep. Gaydos has held her seat since 2018 and has been a staunch representative of everything the Forward Party believes in in that time. 

State Rep. Gaydos cites part of the reason she accepted the Forward Party endorsement is that the party is willing to work with Democrats and Republicans alike, alongside independents and reformers, to help “combat extremism and to work for the people”. She joins a large and growing list of PA Forwardists! 

Forward Candidates Win In Two Races On Tuesday Night!

Two Forward Endorsed candidates won their primaries on Tuesday. They’ll both advance to the general election in November. John Avlon (NY-01) will take on MAGA Rep. Nick LaLota in the fall, and John Curtis (Utah Senate) beat back an extremist challenger in the primary. 

South Carolina Forward Party Releases Its First Slate of Candidates 

The South Carolina Forward Party has been hard at work finding good candidates to represent the real needs of everyday Americans. People who won’t fight for partisan needs, but who will fight for their constituents. Meet these candidates below!