Lessons from Pennsylvania: A Case Study for 2024

Slow and steady wins the race. Around this time last election cycle, the Pennsylvania Forward Party had one endorsed candidate on the ballot. Today, they have EIGHT endorsed candidates on the ballot. That’s three Republicans, two Libertarians, two Democrats, and one candidate solely affiliated with the Forward Party!  This is a testament to the many hours of hard work spearheaded […]

15 Forwardists are on the Ballot in 5 states

Fifteen Forwardists will be on the ballot across five states on Tuesday, November 7. Please take a few minutes to learn more about them and help spread awareness about these amazing individuals! New Jersey Forwardists Guy Citron, Denise King, and Tyler Powell are running for District 23 of the state legislature (LD23). Learn more about […]

Forward, the Preferred Approach to Politics

When did America start fearing competition? The United States has racked up an impressive count of 2,959 Olympic medals—a feat that no other country comes close to matching. This is a testament to American values of hard work, commitment, and pride—our desire to face competition and come out ahead. Yet, it seems like this belief […]

Forward Party is Making Politics Local Again

Did you know there are over 500,000 elected positions in the United States, AND, get this, 70% of them go uncontested? Yes — you read that right. This reality is a stark reflection of the disconnect between citizens and the democratic process, especially at the local level. It also represents a missed opportunity for new […]

Battleground States 2024: The Forward Party’s Strategic Momentum

The Forward Party has just unveiled its 2024 battleground map, pinpointing our game plan for candidate recruitment across 12 crucial states. This announcement paints a clear picture of our party’s strategic focus at the state and local levels, renewing a sense of purpose and enthusiasm among party members, volunteers, and supporters. Forward’s unwavering commitment to unity […]

AZ Central Covers Our Forward Together Phoenix Event

Originally published on AZ Central at 12:52 p.m. MT March 20, 2023Updated 12:53 p.m. MT March 20, 2023 Author: Mary Jo Pitzl Arizona Republic View the original article here. Arizona’s swing state turf has attracted interest from another political party that’s hoping to appeal to voters fed up with extremism and division. The Forward Party, […]

Why is Forward focused on electoral and systemic reform?

America is currently facing a crisis of confidence in its political system. Many Americans are frustrated with the gridlock and dysfunction in Washington, D.C., and feel that their voices are not being heard. The two major parties, the Democrats and Republicans, seem more interested in fighting each other than in addressing the fundamental issues facing […]

Where The Real Action Is

We’re the first to admit it—local and state politics don’t have the flash of national politics. Want proof? Look no further than CPAC. The annual conservative conference draws a lot of media attention every year. But what is it exactly? Speeches, merch, some straw polls, and…well, that’s about it. Pretty much describes 90% of our national […]

One Room at a Time

In January of 1963, about 20 leaders of the civil rights movement met in Dorchester, Georgia, to discuss the next steps in their work. The movement had been steadily unifying and coalescing over the previous years — moving from many smaller, disparate organizations and localized efforts into a more cohesive, coordinated strategy with a core […]