Forward Party Endorses John Avlon for US House NY-1

The Forward Party is excited to endorse John Avlon for the House seat in NY-1. John is a reporter, author, and presidential historian, who has spent a lifetime studying America’s times of crisis. In each of these turbulent eras, unifying leadership was essential to preserving the nation, and so were the everyday efforts of ordinary […]

2024 Federal Candidate Announcement

So far this year, you’ve heard us announce our endorsement of candidates for dozens of state and local offices across the nation. These dedicated public servants and prospective representatives embody everything Forward stands for—Protecting our democracy and the rule of law, elevating the voice of the voter, building towards consensus solutions, and leading with ethics […]

NC Forward Party Chair Patrick Newton Talks Better Primaries On Capital Tonight

North Carolina faces its second round of runoffs, costing taxpayers extra money to get to an answer that Ranked Choice Voting could yield without extra costs. “The system we’re currently using, everyone agrees is broken,” says Newton. “[It] isn’t giving people the representation they want. And Ranked Choice Voting, often used with open primaries… you […]

Forward Party Back Mastriano’s Presumed Challenger

The Forward Party has endorsed Cameron Schroy, the presumptive Democratic nominee for the 33rd Senate District in Pennsylvania. Schroy, a lifelong resident of Frankin County and a career civics teacher is “passionate about raising educational standards and making sure every Pennsylvanian child has a shot at a great life. Read the whole article here.

Andrew Yang Talks About The Corruption Of The Legacy Parties On CNN

Forward Party Co-Founder Andrew Yang joins Erin Burnett on CNN and discusses the corruption that’s rampant in the two legacy party structures. From Trump’s daughter-in-law heading the RNC and pushing the lie that 2020 was stolen to the DNC turning down help from non-insiders in an effort to beat Trump on their own, neither party […]

Chris Foster Is Running For State Treasurer In Pennsylvania As A Forwardist

Formerly an Allegheny County Democrat, Chris Foster left the party to run under the Forward Party line for Treasurer in the Keystone State. “The Forward Party says they support diverse thinking, bipartisanship, a bottom-up system, and welcoming those from all political viewpoints. They view Pennsylvania as one of ‘The Battleground 12.‘” Read the whole article […]