Newsweek: Fighting for the Climate Has Led Me to Give Up on the Two-Party System | Opinion

KATIE MEHNERT , FOUNDER AND CEO, ALLY ENERGY | View Article on NewsweekON 9/19/23 AT 2:48 PM EDT This year’s Climate Week NYC, which includes events around the country, comes at a precipitous time. The nation recently marked a year since President Joe Biden signed historic climate legislation, which together with the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, is helping the nation make important […]

Politico: Yang wants to move ‘Forward’

Andrew Yang said he’s not running for president again. “By the numbers, if I were to run, I would probably increase the chances of Trump winning,” he told Playbook. “And so I’m not going to do that.” Yang, who lost his bids for mayor in 2021 and president in 2020, is still very obviously a data wonk, but he […]

The National Desk: Is America ready to ditch Biden & Trump for 3rd party option?

by SCOTT THUMAN | The National Desk Mon, September 11th 2023, 4:01 PM EDT | View Article on TND WASHINGTON (TND) — If you don’t love the current options running for president and like the idea of a third party—you’re not alone. Especially, as polling shows a staggering 67 percent of Democrats or left-leaning voters don’t want President Biden […]

Two local level officials join Forward Party

 AUGUST 30, 2023 LAUREN JESSOP, The Center Square | View Article on The Center Square Source: Facebook (The Center Square) – A third party seeking to bridge the political divide and offer more choices for voters has added two local Republicans to its roster. One official, a longtime Democrat – although defeated in the primary […]

Newsweek: America Is Hungry for New and Better Political Options | Opinion

ANDREW YANG , FORMER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATEON 7/6/23 AT 10:12 AM EDT Americans are fed up with our current political system. President Biden’s approval rating has been sitting in the low 40s for most of his presidency. Congress is sitting at 20 percent. Even the Supreme Court, long seen as the branch with the best reputation, is currently sitting underwater, at 40 […]

WYPR: Maryland Forward Party works to get 2024 ballot access

On a hot day in June, five people set up a tent on Carroll Creek in Frederick, Maryland during the annual Pride Festival. The volunteers were asking for signatures to get the Forward Party on the ballot in Maryland. If that doesn’t ring any bells, you wouldn’t be faulted. The party is just 20 months […]

Axios Denver: Why Colorado is a hotspot for third political parties

Colorado’s independent ethos and unaffiliated voter bloc are making it a hotbed for new political parties that are seeking to upset the two-party system. Why it matters: A potent third party can play spoiler in key races, from the presidential contest down to school board, and scramble the political landscape. Driving the news: The Forward Party is canvassing for support to […]

Yahoo Finance: Fort Collins Mayor Jeni Arndt Affiliates with Forward Party

With nearly half of all Coloradans unaffiliated, the Forward Party is charting a new way in the state DENVER, June 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Fort Collins Mayor Jeni Arndt became the first sitting mayor in Colorado to affiliate with the Forward Party on Tuesday, marking an important milestone for the party as it builds in Colorado. Arndt, a Democrat, will join […]

POLITICO: 5 questions for Andrew Yang

Happy Friday, and welcome to the latest edition of our Future In Five Questions. This week I spoke with former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang, now co-chair of the centrist Forward political party, which is advocating for ranked-choice voting and non-partisan primaries. Yang is also calling for a federal agency to regulate artificial intelligence, and […]